Ped. view

Pedestrian view from Euclid Auto Park

  1. Leave Euclid Auto Park heading north
  2. Continue north along 18th street
  3. Pass the ATLAS building on your left
  4. Turn right at the corner past the bike racks
  5. Continue east along Colorado Avenue
  6. Turn left into the brick plaza
  7. Turn left under the tunnel into Muenzinger courtyard
  8. Welcome! The entrance is to the left of the staircases.
  1. Leave Euclid Auto Park heading north and west
  2. Walk to the corner entrance of the VAC building
  3. Take the stairs (or elevator) down 1 floor
  4. Take the corridor to the right
  5. Take the first right, and look for double doors on your left
  6. Welcome!
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